Smart Glasshouse System Supported By Global System for Mobile Communications and Internet of Things: Case Study: Tomato Plant
2021 Apr

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This paper proposes a new system for remotely monitoring and automatically controlling the temperature, humidity levels, and soil moisture content in glasshouses to help increase crop yields in Iraq. The main hardware of the system comprises microcontroller units, sensors, fans, air exchangers, irrigation devices, and transceivers. Further, the LABVIEW software is used to visualize the data obtained on the computer screen of a monitoring station. In addition, plant growth parameters are maintained by controlling the irrigation devices, air exchangers, and fans. The proposed system utilizes the ZigBee protocol implemented in wireless sensor networks to monitor glasshouses in real time and the Global System for Mobile Communications and Internet of Things technologies for the remote operation of glasshouses. A prototype of the new smart glasshouse system is successfully tested, and its functionality and effectiveness are verified. The new system comprises several useful features that are not present in other similar systems, and therefore, it can potentially improve the quality of life of Iraqi farmers.

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